Ravanasura Movie Trailer Review: Watch Ravi Teja As Criminal Lawyer In Ravanasura Release Date & Plot Explained

 Ravanasura Movie Trailer Review: Watch Ravi Teja As Criminal Lawyer In Ravanasura Release Date & Plot Explained

The most anticipated movie of Telugu star Ravi Teja is all set to be dropped on the big screens but ahead of its release the makers of the show have released a trailer of the movie and after watching the trailer it won’t be bad to say that the actor is going to nail the screen this time. If you are scrolling through the news about Ravi Teja’s latest movie “Ravanasura” then the article is going to help you to know more about the film.

Ravanasura Movie Trailer Review: Watch Ravi Teja As Criminal Lawyer In Ravanasura Release Date & Plot Explained

Well, the makers of the show released a trailer clip just 9 hours ago, and just in this much less time, it has crossed over 2.4 Million views, and as per this, you can assume the fan base of the actor. However, there is no doubt that Ravi Teja is known for his comedy and action on the screen but this time keeping an eye on the trailer of the movie saying this won’t be bad that the actor will give you goosebumps with his action because, with his as usual comedy and drama, there would be much romance as well, but the actor in his action avatar will force you to stand on the chair and blow a whistle for his performance.

Ravanasura Trailer Review

Now, when it comes to talking about the trailer review of the film than talking from the very beginning, the film is scheduled to be released on the 7th of April, and just a week before the makers of the movie released a trailer clip of the film which is telling a short summary of the film. The trailer clip begins with some men taking Ravi Teja somewhere and after some flashes, the scene comes back where the actor is busy in his daily life having fun at his job as a criminal lawyer.

However, in the trailer, it shows that his life suddenly turns upside down when one day when he got a case but later he gets indulged in such activities that end up with a huge mess. Although, in the trailer not many scenes have been disclosed but watching the trailer clears up one thing it is going to be so amazing and one of the best pictures of Ravi Teja. Now, if we talk about the audience response then the trailer got over 2.4 Million views in just 9 hours along with 180k+ likes on it. So, as per this, you can assume how keenly his fans are waiting for this movie.

Ravanasura Cast & Story Explained

Well, talking about the story of the movie then Ravanasura which translates to Ravana in Hindi, is an upcoming Indian Telugu language psychological action thriller film which is directed by Sudheer Varma from a story penned by Srikanth Vissa. In this film, you are going to watch some of the mind-blowing and all-time loved artists from the south Indian entertainment industry. Here are the names that are going to appear on the screen.

  • Ravi Teja as Adv. Ravindra
  • Sushanth as Ram
  • Jayaram
  • Hyper Aadi as Adv. Babji
  • Anu Emmanuel
  • Megha Akash

However, apart from these faces, there would be other amazing artists as well such as Faria Abdullah, Daksha Nagarkar, Pujita Ponnada, Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma, and Sampath Raj. Everyone is going to make your watch time amazing with their acting skills. Well, if we talk about the story of the movie then the story revolves around an investigating officer who is appointed to investigate a few brutal murders, where he zeroes in on Ravindra, a criminal lawyer who has an inclination to secretly commit murders as the mastermind behind the crime. The movie is all set for theatrical release on the 7th of April 2023, stay tuned to know more.


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