‘Pichkari Pakad Ke’ Latest Bhojpuri Song By Khesari Lal Yadav Crossed 3 Million Views In 3 Days

 ‘Pichkari Pakad Ke’ Latest Bhojpuri Song By Khesari Lal Yadav Crossed 3 Million Views In 3 Days

Here comes another Bhojpuri banger to make you all groove on the flirtiest lyrics and some jaw-dropping scenes in the music video. Yes, we are talking about Bhojpuri star Khesari Lal Yadav’s latest music video song titled as Pichkari Pakad Ke”. Now, as per the song’s title, you can assume how groovy and flirty the song is going to be. Well, it is a universal fact that in past years the Bhojpuri music industry has grown at its best but the essence of the music for what industry is known is still alive.

'Pichkari Pakad Ke' Latest Bhojpuri Song By Khesari Lal Yadav Crossed 3 Million Views In 3 Days

So, if we talk about the song then the song titled “Pichkari Pakad Ke” has been penned down by Krishan Bedardi who is also given the music in it. While the song is sung and acted by khesari Lal Yadav and Neha Raj. The latest Bhojpuri Holi song was uploaded on the 25th of February 2023 on the official Youtube channel of T-Series Hamaar Bhojpuri, and surprisingly just in 3 days the song has crossed over 3.1 million views which is amazing. Undoubtedly, once again the Bhojpuri stars are ruling in the fest season on YT.

“Pichkari Pakad Ke” By Khesari Lal Yadav

In this era where the world is dropping hip-hop type of music to make people groove, the Bhojpuri industry gripping the world with its own musical essence and some of the all-time naughtiest lyrics. However, these types of songs don’t play in the clubs but still whenever there is a house party one Bhojpuri song has to be in the playlist because it is something that everyone comes on the floor and tries to break it. The same thing can be seen in “Pichkari Pakad Ke” the latest bhojpuri holi song.

Talking about Khesari Lal Yadav’s other songs then the list goes on too long because there is a bunch of jaw-dropping titles such as “भतीजवा के माई रंगाई”, “गाजर गाजीपुर के” and so on. Now, as per these freaky song titles, you can assume that it automatically forces a viewer to touch the song and listen to it at least once. Also, the music industry does not get affected by any controversies as other music houses do. Also, Bhojpuri songs have a separate fan base among music lovers, no matter who you are, you will be forced automatically to play and groove to a Bhojpuri song.

Khesari Lala Yadav latest Holi Song

Well, when it comes to talking about more songs that are sung by Khesari Lal Yadav then the list is quite long it features some of the most amazing and cozy feelings-giving lyrics. Also, the screenplay in each song has done differently than the previous one. However, mind-blowing romance is there in every single track. So, the song is currently trending on You Tube and other social media platforms. People are making reels on it and getting famous, if you have not listened to the song yet, then you should go and groove on the flirtiest lyrics of the year so far. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on the all trending news across the nation.


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