Panga Movie Review: An triumphant movie of overcoming obstacles!

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Panga Movie Review:

  • The film ‘Panga’ has hit the theaters today. The film has been helmed by Bareilly ki Barfi-fame Ashwini Iyer Tiwari
  • Kangana Ranaut and Richa Chaddha are in lead roles.
  • Film is about a woman who had sacrificed her dreams for her family and how she got to fulfill her dreams due to sacrifice of other women in her life.


Panga Movie Review

The film Panga kickstarts with a pleasant, fuss-free montage of that charts a day in the life of Jaya. She is a spouse to a loving husband and a mother to a seven-year-old. She is a jovial woman at work.

In the beginning, everything in the film seems to be utopic. Her husband is very co-operative and helpful. In one scene, Jaya kicks her husband and tells him that they are on the same team. As far as their marriage is concerned, everything seems to be perfect. But, it seems as if her life revolves around her son and husband.

The story Revealed!!!

As the story unfolds, a different side of Jaya starts unravelling. It seems as if she’s not satisfied with her life and wants to achieve something life. Before being a housewife, she was a kabaddi champion- the captain of Indian women Kabbadi Team. The woman who once upon a time was defined by her accolades had sacrificed everything to become a housewife.

Jaya hadn’t played kabaddi in the last seven years. It was her son’s desire to see her mother set foot in the mud again. She started playing again and went on to become the captain of the national team. The Reason which forced her to leave her passion made her pursue it again.

Over a duration of 2 hours and 5 minutes, Ashwini builds up a story of a woman who struggles to maintain balance between her ambitions and Household work. The film showcases the harsh reality of most of the families where men get to work and women need to stay at home. Even in today’s day and age men’s desire triumph over women’s ambitions. No matter how progressive the men in the family are, they still prefer to believe that women are only meant for household chores.

The filmmaker who has directed films like Nil Battey Sanatta and Bareilly ki Barfi, with this film conveys a very important message. The film doesn’t have any devious ploys, villainous characters or engaging narrative. But still doesn’t bore the audience. The most endearing quality of the film is its simplicity.

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Kangana Ranuat portrays the role of Jaya with utmost sincerity and dedication. Richa Chada had delivered a fantabulous performance. But the performance of Neena Gupta stole people’s hearts. The other supporting actors in the film also portrayed their roles with brilliance.


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Game Regulation In Latin America13

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