Pakistani Actor Ushna Shah Deletes Instagram Account After Being Trolled For Her Bridal Dress

 Pakistani Actor Ushna Shah Deletes Instagram Account After Being Trolled For Her Bridal Dress

Ushna Shah Instagram: Famous Pakistani personality Ushna Shah is currently facing much media outrage after posting some of her wedding pictures online. Well, you must be thinking that how can someone face fury for wedding pics? So, according to the reports, Ushna Shah who is prominently known for working in Urdu television recently got married. At the time of her marriage,, she wore a Red colored Lehnga. Now, as you all know Lehnga is an Indian tradition that mainly wears in the Hindu religion, and when the actress wore a lehenga, she got trolled by Pakistani people, saying it is Haram (not permissible) in Islam.

Pakistani Actor Ushna Shah Deletes Instagram Account After Being Trolled For Her Bridal Dress

Actually, the happy bride got trolled on the most auspicious day of her life, and the reason is only that she was wearing a red-colored lehnga. But her fans and people of her nation trolled her saying why she is following the Indian rituals. Now you can assume the lady’s hatred, that she deleted her IG account to avoid all the hate. However, it is not a new thing when an actress is being trolled by her own people, and that too on this special day of one’s life but before this many news have trends on the internet. Read here the complete news.

Ushna Shah Getting Trolled For Her Bridal Looks!

So, the 33 years old Pakistani Actress who is prominently known for her television shows is currently in the headlines, after the girl tied the knot with famous Golf player Hamza Amin. Like other girls, she was also so happy on the most awaited day of her life, but who knew that her happiness would end up with much media outrage and criticism? Her red lehenga wearing which she was looking like a fairy, was not loved by her own fans and they started to comment negatively due to which the happy bride probably got frustrated.

Pakistani Actor Ushna Shah Deletes Instagram Account After Being Trolled For Her Bridal Dress

Born on 12 February 1990 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. However, she was raised in Canada but later the girl returned to her own soil and contributed to the Pakistan entertainment industry. Well, talking about the beginning of her career then the lady first appeared in a Pakistani television show titled “Mere Khwabon Ka Diya” which premiered in 2013, and later her career got wings. However, every time she appeared on the screen people loved her but this time when the lady got married, people didn’t praise the way she got dressed.

Why Ushna Shah Deleted Her Instagram Account?

Amid many trending news currently, the talk of the town in Pakistan is, why Pakistani actress Ushna Shah delete her Instagram account. So, as you all know that the lady recently got married to a famous golf player Hamza Amin. The couple was looking cute together but the main thing that sparked outrage is, Ushna was wearing a red colored Lehnga that people of her nation didn’t like. Many of her fans and other netizens from the nation slammed her for her dress by commenting that “she is dressing up like an Indian bride” and wearing a “Hindu style” wedding outfit for her nikah.

After being much trolled she wrote a quite lengthy note on her Instagram stories where she said that she is taking a break from social media. However, in that story, it could have seen that the lady was frustrated because of the trolls. After the buzz on the internet, she also stated that she was trying harder to keep her wedding private as she did not want anyone to troll or comment on the auspicious day of her life. But somehow someone shared her wedding pictures on social media and that too without her permission due to which it all happened. We would like to tell you that she had over 2.6 million followers on IG. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on the top headlines.


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