Pak Actress Ayesha Omar Broke Her Silence On Wedding Rumors With Shoaib Malik

 Pak Actress Ayesha Omar Broke Her Silence On Wedding Rumors With Shoaib Malik

The Internet is flooded with thousands of memes and every single one is directly pointing toward Sania Mirza & her husband Shoaib Malik. Well, if you are a true netizen and Sania Mirza fan then you must be scrolling through the news about sportswoman’s relationship news. The hot potato nowadays is mainly Sania Mirza’s married life where speculations are rife that her husband is dating Pakistani actress and YouTuber, Ayesha Omar. The biggest update of the day is, amid Ayesha Omar’s relationship rumors with Shoaib Malik, the 41 years old pakstani actress broke her silence leaving social media buzzing.

Pak Actress Ayesha Omar Broke Her Silence On Her Wedding Rumors With Shoaib Malik

There is no doubt that this news is rolling out on the internet for a long time and now it has created buzz on the social media. After the news firstly broke on social media following which the lady and her son faced media outrage. Keeping an eye on the current situation, netizens expressed their anger towards her and her son. As you all know that recently speculations rife that tennis star Sania Mirza has decided to separate from his husband as things are not going good among them therefore couple decided to get rid of the married life. However, Shoaib & Sania did not open about it officially but it seems like the news is true.

Ayesha Omar Opens About Her Affair With Shoaib Malik

Amid all the trending speculations, Omar came and opened up about her relationship where she denied her relationship with Shoaib. According to the reports, the lady previously shared some of her pictures while a user wrote on her photo asking if she is planning to tie the knot with Shoaib Malik. Replying to the comment she wrote “Jee nahin. Bilkul nahi. Un kee shadi hoe we hai aur who apnee biwi kay saath bohat khush hai. Main donon @realshoaibmalik aur @saniamirza kee bohat respect kartee hoon. Shoaib aur mein achay dost aur ek doosray kay kherkhwa hai. Bohat respect kartay hain. Aisay rishtay bhee hotay hain Duniya mein logon kay”.

In her reply it can be seen that she is not planning to get married to Sania Mirza’s cricketer husband. However, the rumors of tennis star and cricket star’s divorce is the most searched thing and a talk of the town. But the couple recently, announced their new show together that created a buzz. The couple is all set to launch their new show on OTT platform Urduflix. Talking about show’s name so it is titled as “The Mirza Malik Show”. Although, Sania Mirza is currently in Dubai for some project and Shoaib is busy for some sports work.

Almost everyone knows how the speculations started to rife. So it all began when a some of intimate pictures went viral on the social media, but the pictures were taken while cricketer and actress did a photoshoot a long way back. It created a buzz claiming perhaps Shoaib is now bored of Sania. Amid this rumor we would like to make a humble request to you that please do not belive and spread such speculations. Stay tuned to get more updates across the nation.


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