Manoj Bajpayee on the contribution of a performer in a film or TV series

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  • Manoj Bajpayee, and Indian Actor, recently gave an interview with The Quint, at the 2019 Kathakar festival in Delhi.
  • The actor, who recently appeared in the Amazon Prime original, The Family Man, says that the digital space is very challenging as compared to a movie as one season amounts to 4 films, making it tedious.
  • He also expressed his excitement about shooting in Kashmir, for the first season of the Prime Original series, and how comfortable he felt in the place.
  • The actor also spoke about the patriotic feelings of the industry and feels that no one that he knows in anti-national.

Manoj Bajpayee, an Indian Actor, recently gave an interview with The Quint at the Kathakar Festival at Delhi. He spoke about a variety of things, including the show biz life and how he had an opportunity to work in Kashmir. The Kathakar festival is an event that celebrates stories and the art of storytelling.

He spoke about how the transition from Movies to television series is not an easy task. He was quoted as saying,

“The digital space is very challenging, because you have 10 episodes and that means, three to four films. you’re actually finishing four films with one season… it’s tedious.”

However, he says that the excitement was no less than the first season and that the second one was going to come back with the same pomp and show.

The first season of the “Family Man”, an Amazon Prime Original web series starring Manoj Bajpayee, was shot in Kashmir. In regards to the environment of shooting, and how he managed to adapt to the state, the actor was quoted as saying,

“it was fantastic. Kashmir is not only beautiful, but the people are fantastic as well. people are very co-operative, have a set of young boys who are there to make sure you shoot smoothly and you’re able to enjoy on the set without any fear.”

Bajpayee also mentioned that he didn’t feel like he had come across anyone in the industry who was anti-national. He feels that even though everyone has conflicting opinions and different view points on matters of the country, all of them loved the nation and some can’t think of any place better. He also opened up about political issues, mentioning that he didn’t understand the need for actors to shy away from expressing their views, out of fear of the media.

In regards to his occupation, he was quoted as saying,

“I think i’m known for speaking my mind, yes, now i kind of keep it to myself most of the times because now, social media has given so much liberty to people, to create handles and say anything nasty to you… they just read one line and start abusing and trolling.”

The family man is an Amazon Prime Original Web series, about a man who is hiding from his family the fact that he is a secret agent serving his country, thus allowing his personal life to suffer in the process. The first season of the show is out on Prime video.

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