Kalki reveals that she going to have a baby with her Israli boyfriend!

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  • Bollywood actress, Kalki Koechlin, has revealed that she is 5 months pregnant with her Israeli boyfriend, Guy Hershberg
  • She told Hindustan times Brunch about the effects that impending motherhood is having on her
  • She plans to deliver through a natural water birth
  • She made recent appearances in Sacred Games season 2 and Made in heaven

Kalki Koechlin, a Bollywood actress recently gave an interview with HT Brunch and revealed that she was 5 months pregnant with her Israeli boyfriend of 2 years, Guy Hershberg. Guy is a classical pianist from Jerusalem. She has, in the past spoken up against planned parenthood, but she says that since her divorce with Anurag Kashyap, Bollywood film director, her ideologies began to change.

Guy recently moved to India this year after they had been together for 2 years. Kali says that her first gig with motherhood started with her brother, who stunned her with his innocence. She quotes,

“He must have been seven or eight, with a project on climate change and thinking ‘this is such a renewal of innocence’. children take us back to the basics; remind us of what’s important”

She explains that impending motherhood has made a huge impact in her life, work and personal likewise. When asked about the child’s gender, she seemed to care less. She comes from a mixed cultural background and states the difficulty she had growing up. She speaks about how her child will have to learn five languages, and the struggle it will have to go through, but also says that she is grateful for her heritage.

The actress has no clue about what kind of a parent she will make, but knows that she will be engaged in her child’s life. About the name, Kali and her boyfriend Guy have chosen a gender neutral name, applicable to both genders.

Kalki met Guy six months after her divorce with Anurag Kashyap was finalised, when she went to Israel on girl gang trip. She has expressed that her life has changed for the better and she has learnt the meaning of self care now.

She also said that she is planning for a natural water birth. Kalki expects to deliver in January of 2020 and hopes to have learnt the key to mother hood by then. She had recently played in sacred Games season 2, Made in Heaven and has just finished shooting for a Tamil Netflix series, and has yet to complete Season 2 of my Indian life.

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