Is Urfi Javed Not Wearing Clothes? Fashion Influencer Possed With Mirror Got Slammed!

 Is Urfi Javed Not Wearing Clothes? Fashion Influencer Possed With Mirror Got Slammed!

There can be good and bad days but there can not be any day when you will not see Urfi Javed in the headlines. Well, another day other headlines but the same name Urfi Javed the girl who is noted for her weird clothing style is in the news once again and the reason and question are the same “What Urfi is wearing this time”, “From where did she get the idea to wear this”? Just a day back the fashionista was wearing something mouth watering while this time she is noticed by everyone for her jaw-dropping looks where she was seen wearing or better say covering her main body parts with glass that she made a dress from.

Is Urfi Javed Not Wearing Clothes? Fashion Influencer Possed With Mirror Got Slammed!

The 24 years old internet personality recently shared some of her pictures on her official Instagram Id where she saw not wearing anything but holding a glass that she painted yellow from the bottom and top because she only covered her genitals. In her comment box, you will see a bunch of people adoring her or better say requesting her not to do such things in the name of fashion and trend because now it has become the height of tolerance. Although, where some people are saying that she should not do such things, her fans are getting even keen to see through the glass what she is hiding behind the yellow color.

However, it is not the first time when the 24 years old girl or better say so-called television personality is grabbing headlines but before this, she is already a hot potato saying this won’t be bad and that she has a different vision to see the world, but apart from all the controversies one thing which is crystal clear is, Urfi is calm and the way she handles the criticism is something that a lot of people do not have. In this era where everyone is scared of “Log Kya Kahenge” Urfi is one of those who has the answer to it and this is why she lives happily without being scared of what people think about her as all she knows is how to slay and Javed playing it very well. The girl has more than 3.6 million+ followers on her official Instagram and as per this, you can take the idea that how many people keep thinking about her and dying just to have a single glimpse of Urfi.

In today’s modern era not only Miss Javed but there are several internet personalities, who are flexing their body, and curves to mesmerize the audience and in the return, they are getting fame and a fan base. Recently another internet model named Shweta Sharma from Bihar adopt Urfi’s fashion style and shared some of her pictures on the internet after which netizens give her the nickname “Bihar Ki Urfi Javed”. Whereas some people are scared about Sharma not indulging much in Javed’s fashion some are adoring her. Well, let’s see what else Urfi will wear another day on another occasion, stay in the loop with us to get all the latest updates on the entertainment world.


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