Is Tejasswi Prakash Not Sure About Her Wedding? Actresses Instagram Trend Creates Buzz!

 Is Tejasswi Prakash Not Sure About Her Wedding? Actresses Instagram Trend Creates Buzz!

Speculations are rife that the power couple whose wedding is one of the most awaited weddings of the year, perhaps won’t go in the right manner. Well, if you are guessing it, then we would like to let you know that Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundra, yes, the couple who is in the limelight since Bigg Boss 15, are once again in the headlines after news broke on the social media where it was heard that Tejasswi perhaps not sure about her marriage with Karan Kundra, however, it is under the veil that why it happened but rumors are spreading on the internet like a fire in the forest.

Is Tejasswi Prakash Not Sure About Her Wedding? Actresses Instagram Trend Creates Buzz!


Now, when you will read the reason why it all started when Tejasswi shared a reel on the trending song “Mujhe Nahi Pata Hai”, in the clip you will watch Prakash laying on her couch and making the trending reel where she quoted “Paps- Shadi Kab Karogi” on which Prakash lip sync and says “Mujhe Nahi Pata Hai, mujhse mat poocho na” and the scene began. However, she only did a trend on Instagram but the audience took it very seriously, perhaps it can be a hint from her that they are not going to end it with marriage this soon but her audience has taken it very seriously which now seems to create a buzz on the internet.

Well, it is not a new thing when netizens made something this strange but before this, it has happened several times and only one reason was found most of the time that called the audience. Although, you will hardly find someone saying that he or she does not know about the couple after all the pair got immense limelight just after the end of the 15th season of Bigg Boss and wherever they go they most of the time found together. Since the couple is together paparazzi every time stop them and ask only one thing when they are going to tie the knot perhaps Tejasswi is not fed of this being asked all the time and therefore she made this reel and replies to everyone in bulk, but who knew that it is going to create a buzz, not an answer.

Is Tejassawi Not Getting Married?

She has over 6.3 million followers on her official Instagram account and as per this, you can take the idea that whatever she is going to will get viral for sure, and that too when it is about their wedding. The Mujhse Mat Poocho Na trend by Tejasswi has been watched by 2 million+ people along with 18k+ comments on it. In the video she captioned “But on a serious note, it’s always better to be sure than sorry. This is especially for all the girls out there. Take all the time you need to be sure.” just after the video was dropped on the social media people started asking questions where responding to the very first comment she wrote, “Sunny Ko Poocho” which means go and ask from Karan he will let you all know that when will they tie the knot. Now, as per this, it seems like she is ready for the marriage but it is Karan who is delaying their wedding. So, if you are one of those who are super excited to know more about the couple then stay tuned with us.



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