Is Ileana D’Cruz Pregnant? Barfi Actress Hints Fans About Her Pregnancy Via IG Post | Netizens React

 Is Ileana D’Cruz Pregnant? Barfi Actress Hints Fans About Her Pregnancy Via IG Post | Netizens React

Well, nowadays another name from B-town is trending on the internet and the interesting this is, people are criticizing and praising the personality simultaneously. Yes, we are talking about the famous and gorgeous Indian-born Portuguese actress Ileana D’Cruz, a girl that has gripped millions of hearts through her acting. So, if you are one of her fans then you must be in the swim that for the past couple of days, it is being talked about that the Barfi actress is pregnant! but the fact is, the actress is not married yet. So, be here till the end to find the reality.

Is Ileana D'Cruz Pregnant? Barfi Actress Hints Fans About Her Pregnancy Via IG Post | Netizens React

However, you will hardly find someone saying they don’t know what happened to Ileana D’Cruz, because the Baadshaho actress has a massive fan following and since her fans got to know about her post that she has also pinned to her IG profile, it has been making headlines for a long time. Actually, the actress has shared a couple of pictures on her official Instagram by writing a caption that reads “Coming Soon, Can’t wait to meet you my little darling”. Now, the most interesting thing is, she did not share any of her own pics in the series but the post she shared on her account, features a baby dress, and a named pendant where “Mama” is written.

Is Ileana D’Cruz Pregnant?

So, speculations are rife that the Indian actress Ileana D’Cruz is might be pregnant, and it all began when she shared some pictures on the internet on her official Instagram account. Now, if you are one of her fans then you must be in the swim that neither the actress is married to anyone nor has she ever shared her relationship status publicly. In such circumstances, the news got more sparks about her secret pregnancy. While some of her fans are wishing her some as usual and expected curiosity about her pregnancy, on the other some people are criticizing her asking who the father is.

As you all know that the Barfii actress often stays active on her social media and always shares her life on it, she has gained over 16 Million followers which is quite an interesting thing about her fan base. However, if you look at the list of movies then you will get to know that, there was a time when she used to do films on a loop, but since, she started acting in Hindi movies, it seems like she now appears in selected movies. If it comes to talking about her most recent movie then she last appeared in Abhishek Bachchan’s The Big Bull, and recently she has been in a music video. But now she has an upcoming film in the pipeline titled “Unfair & Lovely”.

Netizens’ Reaction To Ileana D’Cruz’s Pregnancy!

Since the actress shared the news of her pregnancy on her official Instagram account it has been creating a buzz. Now, fans are getting crazy to know more about her personal life. As you all know that Ileana never shared her personal life such as her relationship status anywhere and now suddenly she shared a picture of a Onesie and a named pendant, it has become the talk of the town, as everyone wants to know about her pregnancy, and due to this fans and netizens are asking some weird questions.

Well, the Indian-born Portuguese actress and model whom we all know as Ileana D’Cruz is 35 years old and the aging beauty never shared about whom she is dating. So, people always search for her personal life that she might have kept secret. She shared the picture on her official Instagram on the 18th of April 2023 and just in a few hours it become the talk of the town.

However, below the photo, there are over 3k comments where the first 4 comments were dropped by her loved ones which shows that the news is completely true and she is expecting her first baby. But after those comments, there are long comments where people are asking her about many things such as who is the father of the baby. Who impregnated her? Is it real pregnancy or she has been through any process? Although, currently she has not opened up about the news, so stay tuned with us to get more updates on the news.


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