Is Badshah Dating Punjabi Model Isha Rikhi? Rumored Explained!

 Is Badshah Dating Punjabi Model Isha Rikhi? Rumored Explained!

Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, whom you all know as Badshah always be in the headlines and it all happens because of his music but recently the artist in the headlines after speculations are rife that the rapper is dating a Punjabi model named Isha Rikhi after separation from his wife. Well, it is not hidden from anyone that whoever is in the hip-hop scene is in the headlines sometime due to allegations while sometimes due to their own life. In the Indian hip-hop scene number of incidents have happened previously that led several artists into the headlines. Let’s talk about what happened to Badshah why he is in trend and who is he dating.

Isha Rikhi & Badshah HD Images

Badshah whom you all know as an Indian rapper, singer, film producer, and businessman known for his Hindi, Haryanvi, and Punjabi music always shares his aggression and pain in his music from Heartless To Trap Munde the 36 years old music artist never leaves any stone unturned to grip his fans and audience but this time rumors are saying that the man is dating a Punjabi model named Isha Rikhi. According to the reports, Badshah & Isha Rikhi both are dating for a year but both of them are keeping it secret so that it won’t catch the limelight and it will also impact their image in the music scene.

Previously, India’s most loved rapper and music artist Yo Yo Honey Singh separated from his wife after she alleged him of domestic violence and the couple got divorced. Before YYHS, another artist whom you all know as Raftaar got separated from his wife. Now, the surprising thing is, all these three artists used to be in the same clan where Honey Singh used to run the clan but somehow it broke but all the artists are doing good. Although Raftaar and Honey Singh are not assumed to date anyone else so far. Badshah most of the time seems in the headlines sometimes due to his cheesy lines and sometimes due to his behavior on stage, you can also watch some of his live videos on stage where he seems to abuse the audience as someone throws items on stage.

Who Is Isha Rikhi?

Since the news broke on social media about Isha Rikhi & Rapper Badshah, people are searching for her. Such as who is Isha Rikhi. What she does do? Her net worth & Instagram account. Well, according to the reports Isha Rikhi met DJ Waley Babu at a party of a mutual friend post and rumors started to spread that both of them are dating each other. Isha Rikhi was a model who has a pleasing fan following on her Instagram. The lady also has been seen in some Punjabi movies. Isha first appeared in Amrinder Gill’s Jatt & Juliet in a little role, after which she started to step ahead in the industry.

Well, talking about Badshah and Isha’s relationship so both of them have denied this and not opened up, which seems that it is a rumor. But it will keep spreading until one of them comes up and clarify the facts. Badshah always keeps his wife’s name and information secret now why he did do it, only he knows and it is being said that Badshah’s wife went to London with their daughter and no news has come so far about them. Well, currently, the rapper is sitting in Hustle 2.0 as a judge.


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