Hareem Shah’s Leaked Video On Twitter & Reddit | Who Are The Accused? Hareem Shah Biography Leaked Pics

 Hareem Shah’s Leaked Video On Twitter & Reddit | Who Are The Accused? Hareem Shah Biography Leaked Pics

Pakistan continues to be in the headlines and this time it is not in the news because of its poverty or any other economic crisis but it is in the headlines because of the famous Pakistani influencer’s viral video. Yes, we are talking about a famous Pakistani Instagram personality named Hareem Shah whose private video got leaked by someone and got viral on the web. Now, the girl’s name has become the talk of the town because people across the globe are searching for Hareen Shah’s leaked video. Also, those who are not much aware of the lady, are searching for her personal details such as wiki & Biography, and much more details.

Hareem Shah's Leaked Video On Twitter & Reddit | Who Are The Accused? Hareem Shah Biography Leaked Pics

So, if you search on the internet for today’s trending news then no doubt you will get to know about so many things but no doubt you will be attracted to one headline claiming Pakistani Instagram personality Hareem Shah’s leaked video. The weird thing is, not only the world but people from the nation are also keen to watch the clip of their personality video. However, the lady has not opened up about the incident, although, she has been to some interviews where she was questioned about the scene, she remained silent on questions. Read more about the news below.

Hareem Shah Leaked Video

Well, before talking more about the lady if we talk about the most searched news of the day where people are getting keen to know about the video and also to watch the clip, then in the video it can be seen that no force is being made against the lady to showcase. If you watch the video then you will see how she is in a room with someone which perhaps the lady trusts blindly therefore she is not feeling anything bad about being filmed. So, what is special in the video? Actually, the video clip is recorded deliberately by someone who is really close to the lady, and in Hareem Shah’s leaked video you can watch that she is taking a shower completely naked.

Hareem Shah's Leaked Video On Twitter & Reddit | Who Are The Accused? Hareem Shah Biography Leaked Pics

In the Viral video you will watch that someone is recording the video from a far distance and Hareem shah is bathing completely naked and that too with an open door. The one who is recording Mrs. Shah naked comes closer to the bathroom where it can be seen that Hareem is taking a shower and brushing her tooth. She even smiles at the camera and then takes a round. Now, the big thing that is being asked everywhere is, who leaked Hareem Shah’s private bathing video?

Also, if you search for the viral video on the internet such as Reddit and Twitter then you will find a lot of videos where everything has been filmed and shared deliberately. While, in some clips, Hareem shah is sleeping and someone is showing her their feet, on the other side there is another disturbing video where the girl is seen sitting in the washroom and someone is recording deliberately.

Who is Hareem Shah?

Now, if we talk about who is Hareem Shah, then the real name Fiza Hussain, prominently known as Hareem Shah, is a noted Pakistani social media personality, mainly known for her TikTok videos. Born on November 22, 1981, in Pakistan currently, the lady is enjoying her life in her early 40s. However, there is not much information available about her personal life such as her kids and more about her marriage life, but it came to know that she is married to Bilal Shah, reportedly.

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Who Leaked Her Private Videos?

Another question that is currently surfacing on the internet is, who leaked Hareem Shah’s private videos? Then according to the couple’s statements, it recently came to view that her private videos were leaked on the internet by one of her closed friends named Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz. Her husband Bilal in a statement told that he is really furious and disappointed by this behavior of her friends. He told that her friends were allowed to be in their home, a separate place (a private space) and more so, they were also allowed to share rooms with each other as cordial friends do.

Bilal also stated that he never expected that her friends will do such things just to defame his wife. Also, in the statement it can be heard Bilal saying “I am really shocked to know that how ladies defame and ruin the image of a lady and that too when they are really closed to each other”. As the couple is currently is not in Pakistan therefore, they said “Once we land to Pakistan, We will sue them and take each possible action”. Well, much information is yet to come, so stay tuned with us to read more information.


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