Watch: Eva Lasting (La Primera Vez) Netflix Trailer Review Cast & Story Explained

 Watch: Eva Lasting (La Primera Vez) Netflix Trailer Review Cast & Story Explained

Hey, folks! if you are also one of those who love drama television series then Netflix has brought the latest Colombian Romantic television drama series titled “Eva Lasting” originally titled “La Primera Vez”. Well, the audience was super curious to watch the show and finally it is here on the OTT platform. However, it is the first season of the show and the fan base can be assumed by looking at the views in the trailer. Although, the show is originally in Spanish language viewers can watch it in several available languages. You must be looking for more details on Netflix’s upcoming Columbian series, Eva Lasting (La Primera Vez), such as Cast, premier date, timings, and season update. So, here you can read.

Watch: Eva Lasting (La Primera Vez) Netflix Trailer Review Cast & Story Explained

According to the reports, the latest television series is likely to air on the streaming platform on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 3.01 am ET. Talking about more on the show such as filming and story, then we would like to tell you that it can remind you of a retro type of story as it is set in the ’70s and the story revolves around a teenage girl, who joins an all-boys school in Columbia. In the show, you will watch her journey as a single girl in an entire college surrounded by all boys. The story follows different types of friendly and ideological dynamics while going through one of the most eventful phases of her life.

Eva Lasting (La Primera Vez) Netflix Cast

Before talking about more on the show we would like to tell you the most searched thing of every show or movie. So, as you all know that in the show there would be many scenes where your jaw would be dropped watching some erotic and cozy moments, and no doubt that you must search for Eva Lasting Netflix Cast, girl name, and many more things. Well, here is the main cast of the show that will make your watch time great with their acting.

  • Emmanuel Restrepo
  • Francisca Estevez Navas
  • Sergio Palau
  • Julián Cerati
  • Brandon Figueredo
  • Mateo García
  • Chichila Navia
  • Verónica Orozco
  • Santiago Alarcón

However, the show is packed with humor and romance but in the main lead you will watch Emmanuel Restrepo and 
Francisca Estevez Navas. You can search for your favorite character on Instagram where you can find them to follow. Although, if you search for Eva Lasting Girl’s Real Name on your Instagram account then you can simply search for
Francisca Estevez Navas on IG.

Eva Lasting (La Primera Vez) Trailer Review

Well, the makers of the show released the original trailer of La Primera Vez, aka Eva Lasting, on the official Youtube channel of Netflix back on the 18th Of January 2023. The trailer shows an amazing journey of a girl who joins an all-boys school. The trailer begins, with a school scene where the teacher introduces Eva Sampor, the first girl to join the Rose Maria Root School. Now, as you can assume in this scene in the real life how men react when they find an alone girl, and the same thing happens in the story when the girl battles on her own against and along 600 wild young boys better say, men.

In the trailer, you will watch how everything changes in the entire school just because of a single woman around. In the clip, you will also watch that she enters the washroom and all boys get shocked to see her, meanwhile, some says her to leave the place as it is not common for all but only for males, however, she replies that she has to go into the same washroom because there is no other toilet for women. Although, she somehow manages to get control over all boys in the school. So, you can now watch the show on your favorite OTT platform called Netflix. Stay in the loop with us for more updates on all trending headlines in the entertainment world.


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