Comedian Parag Kansara Passed Away At 51! Comedian Sunil Pal Breaks Into Tears

 Comedian Parag Kansara Passed Away At 51! Comedian Sunil Pal Breaks Into Tears

Comedian Parag Kansara. Another day another sad news wrenched the hearts of a number of people. Heading towards the day a piece of shocking news came that confirmed the passing of one of the noted Indian Stand-up comedians Parag Kansara. The news has become the most searched thing on the internet today after all it was another big loss to the comedy world. According to the sources, it was confirmed that the comedian passed away yesterday, however, comedian Sunil Pal took his social media to share the painful news today, and just after his post was shared by him it created a buzz everywhere. People are searching about his death cause and also some of his best performances. So, if you are also one of those who were searching for him so here we are talking about his journey, so stay here till the end.

Comedian Parag Kansara Passed Away At 51! Comedian Sunil Pal Breaks Into Tears

Well, you all must be in the swim that recently, or better say just a couple of weeks back we lost comedy king, Raju Srivastava who was undergoing treatment, however, the news were claiming that Srivastava is fine now and getting well soon but after some time news broke that Raju Srivastava died of Cardiac Arrest and as soon as the news was broke on the social media people or better say his fans across the globe started mourning his death and the social media was flooded with all sorrow posts. Now, when another comedian has left the world for heaven so it has become another sad news for all who used to watch the Laughter challenge, both Raju and Parag were the contestants of the show and the audience who used to watch them on the screen is in the pain.

Parag was among the most loved comedians and his death has shaken thousands of people. Sunil Pal took his official Instagram account to announce the demise of Parag in the video you can see Sunil explaining his respect and love towards the deceased and also sharing his experience with Parag. As they all are from the very first season of the show therefore Sunil got even emotional recalling memories with him. In the clip shared by Sunil Pal on his IG, he said another emerging star from the sky of comedy fall off to heaven, the man who used to bring smiles to faces and used to create a happy and tickling environment has been lost by the world.

Heading toward the clip you will watch how Sunil breaks into tears talking about him and as Sunil was close to Parag and Raju so you can take the idea of what he is going through. According to the sources, Comedian Parag Kansara died of cardiac arrest at the age of 51. In Pal’s condolence video you can see the pain on his face. Pal then says that it seems like the comic world is affected by evil eyes as people who used to make us laugh are now leaving us in pain. His words can make you sad too. Well, not much info is available about Parag Kansara but we are trying to fetch more about him so keep in touch with us for more updates.


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