Bigg Boss 16 Latest Update: Hasbullah Magomedov To Enter The House!

 Bigg Boss 16 Latest Update: Hasbullah Magomedov To Enter The House!

Bigg Boss 16: The 16th season of India’s most loved reality game show and also the most controversial one. Undoubtedly, the show’s fan base is just amazing from the very first season and the credit goes to the makers who have been making it interesting to watch every time with every season by introducing more themes and new concepts. Well, the show is heading toward more episodes and with every passing episode, the show is turning pipe hot. A total of 19 episodes have been aired so far and this show has invited 16 members and that too across the globe. Among the 16 members, there are international celebs.

Bigg Boss 16 BB 16 Latest episode Hasbullah and Abdu

There is no doubt that Bigg Boss is always being in the list of one of the most loved controversial reality shows on Indian television. This show has been entertaining the audience for a very long time but this time it seems like there is no wave of controversies and debates this time it is going so smoothly so far. Although, it is going as per the expectations and all the housemates are giving tough competition to each other, but the most recent entry Sreejita who entered the last exited very first on day 13th. Well, every time we watch a center of attraction in the show that usually is a love story or any one member whose anger becomes the talk of the town. But this time everyone is talking about the Tajik singer Abdu Rozik, whom everyone is loving.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Update

Saying this won’t be bad that since Abdu Rozik entered the BB house he has become everyone’s favorite. The man has even got the title of being the cutest participant on the show. The interesting thing about Abdu is, he has never seen in any argument or tiff so far, and it has become the reason why he is being loved. Well, he is one of the calmest contestants in the show, but it is also a truth that there is someone with whom Abdu is usually seen fighting. Yes, we are talking about Abdu’s rival Hasbullah Magomedov. The duo has been seen fighting all the time on social media and recently the show has officially offered Hasbullah Magomedov to enter the show.

Well, it is not hidden that the makers of the show always try their best to make the show more interesting as compared to before and the audience loves the drama and fights, and arguments therefore, the makers have decided to bring Adbu’s opponent Hasbullah Magomedov so they can showcase the real side of Abdu Rozik. Now, the piece of happy news is, Hasbullah has accepted the proposal and soon he will enter the house as a wild card entry and there the drama will begin. However, there is no official update that has come so far, claiming when will he join the show but it is being assumed that he will be in the house soon. So, stay tuned with us to get more updates on entertainment and latest updates on trending gossips.


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