Badass Ravi Kumar Trailer Review & Audience Reaction! Himesh Reshammiya Back On Screen

 Badass Ravi Kumar Trailer Review & Audience Reaction! Himesh Reshammiya Back On Screen

One of the prominent singers of Bollywood named Himesh Reshammiya is returning to the screens with his new movie titled as “Badass Ravi Kumar”. Undoubtedly, the movie contains some unexpected scenes along with the music. There is no doubt that the singer has tried his fate in the acting world and after getting not many bad reviews from the audience, he has stuck to the same. As soon as Himesh announced his movie, it started getting criticized as always. While his fans are also surprised by the songs and storyline, KRK who never misses any chance to roast Bollywood, came up first and roasted the movie and Himesh as well. He made a tweet where he wrote “Star Bhi Himesh or audience bhi Himesh”. After his tweet, it seems like the movie got a free promotion. Here is the audience’s response to the trailer and songs.

Badass Ravi Kumar Trailer Review & Audience Reaction! Himesh Reshammiya Back On Screen

So, Himesh Reshammiya recently shared a trailer for his forthcoming movie titled as “Badass Ravi Kumar”. The trailer was shared on his official youtube channel named Himesh Reshammiya Melodies, on 3rd November 2022 and surprisingly, the trailer has crossed 9.5 million views in a single day. Now, it is really a mystery, why people are taking the video on trend as it is now #4 trending on YT. However, people are criticizing the movie and the story which is again not a very bad thing because the storyline is something that perhaps can take ages to understand. Now, why we are saying this, it is because anything is happening in the movie with no time such as you will watch action then suddenly romance comes then again cars start burning itself and Himesh is firing in the air.

Badass Ravi Kumar Trailer Review

Well, the makers of the show released the trailer on the 3rd of November, and just in hours, the 3-minute clip crossed 9 million views. As per the reviews available on the internet by all the people, it came to know that usually trailers do not bore us but this time the short clip has bored everyone. Makers have promised that the movie will make you feel over the moon and it is a level up for the Xpose universe. The Character of Badass Ravi Kumar is inspired by the previous movie The Xpose. Releasing the trailer makers wrote in the description that The Xpose franchise now goes to the next level with Himesh Reshammiya doing a spin-off from his iconic character Ravi Kumar from his hit film ‘The Xpose’ in the new big-screen action musical entertainer titled ‘Badass Ravi Kumar.

Himesh recently launched the latest track of his forthcoming movie and the song is also getting roasted by people where everyone is criticizing the lyrics of the song saying what Himesh just made. Well, the lyrics goes “Jabse Dekha Tujhe Dekhu Mere Dil Me Ude Butterfly Titiliyan”. KRK in his tweets said, why bollywood is not seating quietly even after seeing that its every so called movie is getting defeated on box offices. Well, let’s see what it is going to happen next. Will this movie gets flopped or not? Stay tuned with us to get more updates on the all trending news across the nation.


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