Alia Bhatt Breaks Her Silence on Getting Trolled for Being a Star Kid

 Alia Bhatt Breaks Her Silence on Getting Trolled for Being a Star Kid

Alia Bhatt breaks her silence on the trolling she faced for being a star kid by saying, “I cannot keep defending myself vocally. She continued, if you do not like me, don’t watch me.

Alia Bhatt is enjoying one of the finest times of her career. Her film Gangubai Kathiawadi is a great Bollywood hit at this time. Her Netflix release, Darlings, has been widely respected. Her upcoming film with hubby Ranbir Kapoor, Brahmastra, has generated a huge buzzing. And lastly, the public lovingly received her marriage and pregnancy announcements. 

Gangubai Kathiawadi

Moreover, things were different two years ago. After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, some celebrities, particularly star kids, were targeted. Sadly, she got maximum trolling after her mentor Karan Johar, who launched Student Of The Year in 2012. Her film Sadak 2, released in 2020, was released during this period, and though it was poorly made, it received far more trolling than it would have gotten had it been released before. 

During an in-depth conversation with Mid-Day, Alia Bhatt opened up on this aspect. When asked if such extreme trolling affected her, she replied, “I believed the only way I could shut the conversation down is through my movies. So, do not respond, do not feel bad. Of course, I felt bad. But feeling bad is a small price to pay for the work you are respected and loved for. I delivered a film like Gangubai. So, who is having the last laugh? At least until I deliver my next flop? For now, I am laughing!”

She also added,

“I cannot keep defending myself verbally. And if you do not like me, don’t watch me. I cannot help it. That is somewhat I cannot do anything about. People have something to say. Hopefully, I will prove to them that I am truly worth the space I occupy with my movies.” She was honest enough to admit that a part of her was wondering, “What the hell is this nonsense? Why is all this happening for no reason?” 

The word ‘nepotism’ became a household name after Kangana Ranauly expressed it in Karan Johar’s talk show, ‘Koffee with Karan.’ In 2020, Alia and other ‘nepotism kids’ were attacked and accused of using their family connections to become big, while those from outside are quite suffering. 

Alia Bhatt further reminded us that nepotism exists in every industry and can only help till a certain point, after which you need to prove your worth. She elaborated, “You can likewise put somebody forward for marketing, finance, or tech job. But if he messes up the job, the company goes into loss. Similarly, in films, the audience is the biggest barometer for success. If they believe you are worth that success, they will give it to you.” 

Alia Bhatt concluded this argument by asking a simple question: “How I am supposed to control where I am born, Bhai.” She also added that tomorrow, if her child wants to join the movie business, they will have to prove and need thick skin.

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