10 Takeaways from Shah Rukh Khan’s episode of David Letterman’s show

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  • Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s interview with David Letterman premiered on Netflix on Friday.
  • Shah Rukh Khan is the first Indian celebrity to feature on Letterman’s show
  • The studio audience went crazy when Shah Rukh Khan stepped on the stage and the show had received biggest ovation ever in the series
  • Superstar hosted David Letterman earlier this year

The episode of David Letterman’s talk show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman aired on Netflix on Friday and audience has loved every bit of it. Mr. Letterman went speechless, while introducing the superstar on the show. In a video, he said,” You don’t even know, may be you know, but this is eh, I don’t know, you know what I’m talking about. The moment he entered the studio, the audience went nuts and started cheering for him incessantly. Mr. Letterman stated that superstar had received the biggest standing ovation ever on the series.

The discussion ranged from his childhood in Delhi, to the way he deals with stardom, how he met love of his life Gauri, to his opinions on American President Donald Trump. Let’s have a look at the takeaways from the show.

Considering himself as Indian equivalent of Tom Cruise

During the show, he revealed that he likes to refer himself as Indian equivalent of Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. He stated that once an article published in TIME magazine referred to him as Indian equivalent of Tom Cruise, after which he started referring himself in the same manner. That article had stuck in my mind. So anytime somebody asks me, I just take out that magazine and show them the article.

The Superstar wanted to become an engineer and journalist

Talking about his days of education, he revealed that he had a desire to become an engineer before becoming an actor. ” He competed his graduation in Economics and did his masters in mass communication as he wanted to become a journalist.

His hatred for riding horses

Shah Rukh Khan has acted in all sorts of films right from out and out comedy to romantic sagas, from action films to thrillers, but one thing he cannot do in a movie is riding a horse, or any other animal. The actor recalled the shooting of Asoka where he had to ride a horse, and said that he had tough time dealing with the horse.

secret recipe for spending time with kids

The actor ensures that he takes time out from his busy schedule to spend time with his children. He also has discovered new way of spending time with them. He is learning to cook Italian cuisine. The actor knows the recipe of Pasta Anglo e olio, pesto, grilled pepper chicken and risotto to name a few. A glimpse of his culinary skills was obtained when he hosted David Letterman at his house and cooked some delicious food for him.

Opinions on Donald Trump

When Mr Letterman told the superstar for his opinions on the American President Donald Trump he said,” Let me say it as politically correct way as possible. Indians look up to America, as we aspire to be there. But we are okay with you being the president , may be you guys deserve it.”

The actors from whom he seeks inspiration

The superstar has inspired millions of people, but who does he seek inspiration from? Michael J Fox and Peter Sellers were the actors who inspired him to pursue acting. He praised the actor by saying,” The way he used to use the space was praiseworthy. He was so sweet and funny and look eternally youthfully and extremely inspiring. But Peter Sellers affected me the most.”

Actor’s Philanthropic goals

Besides showing his witty side, he also talked about his philanthropic goals. He talked about his charitable trust called Meer Foundation that works for the betterment of acid attack survivors. He said that he wishes to bring a change as much as possible.

The superstar is at the rim of the bucket on Letterman’s list

David Letterman who has hosted eminent personalities like Former US President Barack Obama, George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai on his show, ended the show by saying,” After each of these sessions, I feel and think that it was a very smart and lovely conversation and maybe, your name will be at the rim of the bucket on the list.” The superstar was touched by Letterman’s words.

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