Celebration of Tipu Jayanti is not banned, says Andhra government to High Court

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  • The government on Tuesday informed the Karnataka High court that they haven’t banned Tipu Jayanti in the state.
  • There has been a lot of speculations on the ban of the celebration of Tipu Sultan Jayanti, but now all of them can be put to rest.

The Karnataka government informed the High Court that the ban on the celebration of Tipu Sultan’s Jayanti has been uplifted.

During a hearing on PIL challenging the government’s decision to ban the celebrations, Advocate General Prabhuling Navadagi told a division bench led by Chief Justice Abhay Sreenivas Oka that if the petitioners went to commemorate the warrior by celebrating his Jayanti, nothing can stop them from doing so.

Navadagi argued that the government had taken a policy decision to prevent the celebration of the occasion only at the government level. He stated that the celebration has started in 2015.

Before postponing the hearing on Wednesday, the court asked AG to state whether any representation was taken into consideration before issuing the notification for putting a ban on the event.

Bilal Ali Shah, a resident of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, claims that he is the descendant of Tipu Sultan. He along with Tipu Sultan United front and Tipu Rashtriya Seva Sangha have objected the ban.

A long debate has been going on in Delhi between the opposition party and Bharatiya Janta Party. BJP claims that the ruler of Mysore was tyrant while the opposition says he was a freedom fighter.

One of the MLAs of BJP, Tejasvi Surya said in an interview,” That Tipu Sultan was a bigot. He was a Muslim fanatic whose birthday shouldn’t be celebrated. You cannot celebrate Jayanti of a person by diverting religions, because all that Tipu did was to persecute temples, demolish idols and convert people in thousands. This is not the version of RSS, BJP or Bajrang dal, it is the version by the primary source of historians.

The state’s case for celebrating Tipu Jayanti is three-fold, first he was a freedom fighter, second, he was a lover of Kannada, third he was an apostle of peace and harmony. Tipu Sultan writes a letter to the king of Afghanistan, Zhaman Shah and pleads him to invade India and asks him to establish an Islamic state in India. Can this person be called as a freedom fighter?”

“The claim that Tipu Sultan was a lover of Kannada is a farce, as he had imposed usage of Pharsi in the state. Mysore was renamed as Nazarabad, Calicut was renamed as Islamabad, Sakleshpur was renamed as Manzarabad. The ruler had removed the Hindu Almanac and had made an Islamic almanac which had 350 days in the year, the people in Mysore used to find it difficult, as Sunday in the previous calendar became Tuesday in Tipu’s calendar.”

“In 70-year of Tipu Sultan 8,000 temples were destroyed. The only two temples that weren’t demolished were in Seringapatnam, where his astrologers used to pray. The state has celebrated various Jayanti, but none of them has been celebrated by imposing section 144 in the state.

If people claim that the government is putting a ban on his Jayanti just because he is a Muslim, then they are wrong. Instead of celebrating his Jayanti, we should celebrate Jayanti of Shishunala Sharif who had spread communal harmony. The fact that Tipu fought against the British cannot be the yardstick to tell him as a hero, because didn’t only fight against the British, he fought against the Nizam, Zamurrins of Kerela and Marathas. So how can you call him a freedom fighter, on the basis of his wars against the British?”

A portugese historian had written that he was appalled to see the kind of torture and religious persecution taking place in Tipu’s era. If we are going to whitewash what Tipu did in name of religion, in the name of expanding his Islamic empire, in the name of converting Kafirs and establishing Darul Islam in India, and if we are not going to analyze his motivations, then we will fail to identify the motifs of Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-ae-Taiba or ISIS.”

“Tipu writes on his sword that this sword is to kill all the kafirs and infidels. The Britishers have also claimed that he was a tyrant and can only be compared to Ghazni, Ghori and Alaudin Khilji.”

This is how the youngest MLA of BJP had exposed the ruler of Mysore and proved that he was a tyrant. So the ruling government had also decided to scrap the chapters where stories of bravery and velour of Tipu Sultan were mentioned.

The debate whether Tipu Sultan was a warrior or a tyrant has been going on since ages, but still hasn’t; arrived to a conclusion. As of now, the ban imposed on the Jayanti has been uplifted by the High Court.

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