2020 Padma Shri awardees: Get the complete list

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  • Padma Awards 2020 continues the tradition commenced by Modi government a few years ago.
  • This tradition was to pay homage to the unsung heroes of the nation.

Padma Awards 2020 to take forward the tradition initiated by the ruling party a few years ago, of paying homage to unsung heroes of the nation. The people who have contributed to the fields of education, environment, culture are likely to receive these awards. Get the list of 2020 Padma Shri awardees.

2020 Padma Shri Awardees

The list of awardees includes a Bhopal Gas victim who had spent 35 years of his life working with other survivors, a handicap from Jammu and Kashmir, a ‘langar baba’, a doctor in West Bengal to name a few.

Among the laymen honoured this year is Late. Abdul Jabbar, a 1983 Bhopal Gas victim who ran advocacy group for other victims and survivors. He trained widows of Bhopal Gas Tragedy and fought for rehabilitation of victims.

Awardees For Social work

Sathyanarayan Mundayoor, also was conferred with the honour. He was awarded for his social work. He had been promoting education and reading culture in Arunachal Pradesh. A tribal lady named Tulasi Gowada from Karnataka was honoured with Padma Shri. She was awarded due to her vast knowledge of various species of plants and herbs, in spite of not receiving formal education.

The services of handicap from Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir who has been serving specially-abled children for 2 decades, has been honoured with Padma Shri.

Another handicapped person to be honoured was S Ramakrishnan. He had rehabilitated over 14,000 specially-abled people for 40 years.

Jagdish Lal Ahuja also is known as ‘Langar Baba’, has been serving food daily to poor patients and attendants outside PGIMER hospital. He sold his property to accomplish his mission and went on doing the same despite suffering from cancer.

Father-Daughter Duo 

The father-daughter duo from Odhisha, Radha Mohan and Sabarmatee were also honoured with Padma Shri.

Doctor Arunonday Mondal was awarded for his distinguished service to patients of Sundarban Village. He used to travel for 6 hours to treat the patients. Another Doctor who was an oncologist named Ravi Kannan was also conferred with Padma Shri. He had treated over 70,000 cancer patients free of cost in Assam.

Harekala Hajabba who educates poor children by selling oranges was also among the awardees.

Besides this, celebrities like Kangana Ranaut, Karan Johar, Adnan Sami and Ekta Kapoor have been honoured with Padma Shri.

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