What Do You Mean By Unemployment? And What Are The Consequences?

 What Do You Mean By Unemployment? And What Are The Consequences?

Unemployment refers to the joblessness of those qualified to hold a professional position and energetically looking for it but cannot get any. This term is used to characterize or describe a group of unemployed people. 

The term “unemployment” is repeatedly not satisfactorily understood because it applies to people expectant to come back to work after being cleared and excludes people who quit trying to look for work. It can be for various reasons, such as leaving a job to obtain a degree, medical conditions, personal problems, and old age. 

Who Are Unemployed?

Individuals who are not trying to hit upon jobs but have the urge to work are also not considered unemployed. The group available and waiting to work includes both employed and unemployed individuals. People who do not seek employment, like college students, unhappy workers, and stay-at-home moms, are excluded from the total labor force or the workforce. They are considered among the people who have stopped looking for work because they believe no job exists. 

Unemployment can be shown as the number or percentage of unemployed persons in a country. Researchers and economic experts can routinely account for average population growth. Or else it might affect unemployment and employment data by calculating a percentage known as the unemployment rate. 

The formula for the unemployment rate is:-

Unemployment rate = (Unemployed workers/ Total labor force) X 100

Unemployment is an intense topic in many nations across the globe. Through the unemployment rate, policymakers use unemployment figures to estimate everything from financial stability to citizens’ happiness. 

What Are The Consequences Of Unemployment?

A developing economy requires a lower unemployment rate. Unemployment that is both extreme and long-term can put a country under a great deal of pressure in three aspects:-

  1. Individuals: Unemployed persons can’t meet their daily expenses, leading to severe stress, homelessness, and illness. 
  2. Socio-political stability: If unemployment statistics increase, the citizen unhappiness rate could lead to significant unrest. 
  3. Economic efficiency: Many job seekers would consider new positions below their skill set in difficult economic times, known as unemployment. This situation leads to a loss of human capital for a country’s economic workforce. Unemployed people will also significantly cut their daily spending. Consumer spending is one of the main drivers of economic growth, and the economy will drastically decline if individuals do not spend. 

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