Man sues Big Bazaar for charging him Rs 18 for carry bag, company fined for 11k

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  1. Big Bazaar was charged a fine of Rs 11,510 for charging Rs 18 for a cloth carry bag by the District Consumer District Redressal Forum
  2. Out of this amount, Rs 1,510 was to be paid up to the customer who sued the company in March 20th 2019
  3. He said that nowhere was it mentioned that he would be charged for the carry bag, and this amounted to deficiency in service and unfair trade practice
  4. Big Bazaar pleaded their case and stated that they had done nothing wrong and the charge for the bag had been displayed at the cashier’s counter
  5. They also defended themselves by saying that they were only reimbursing the price required for purchase of the bags themselves

Baldev Raj, a resident of Sector 15, Panchkula complained to the Consumer court after Big bazaar, a supermarket, after he was charged Rs 18 for cloth carry bag to carry the products of his purchase, The complaint was launched in March 20th 2019, and the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum ordered the supermarket to pay up Rs 10,518. Of this, Rs 1058 was to be given to the customer as reimbursement for the carry bag, mental agony, and litigation charges.

Baldev insisted that he wasn’t informed at any time that he would be charged Rs 18 for a cloth carry bag, thus amounting to a deficiency in service and unfair trade practices. Big Bazaar has been pleading their case ever since, stating that the allegation that the customer wasn’t informed of the charge is untrue. They state that the charges were declared to the customer at the Cashier’s counter when he was to pay the bill, and due consent was taken.

They also issued a statement that the price for the cloth bags was merely being taken as a reimbursement for the amount they paid for the product themselves, and it isn’t being sold commercially. They further declared that the price of the cloth bags as paid by them is even more than Rs 18.

The forum, however, decided that it was not important that consent was taken to purchase the bag, but rather charging the product in the first place amounted to unfair trade practice. They also said that it was a deficiency in practice as it would have been very inconvenient for Baldev to carry all the items he bought by hand.

The forum stated that Big Bazaar has been forcing the gullible customer to pay such a heavy price for a bag, thus overcharging them. They will thus be penalised for the activity and were fined for wasting the Forum’s time on such litigation.

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