Latest Gold Prices Today| Gold In Delhi Is Much Costly Than Other Metro Cities Read More

 Latest Gold Prices Today| Gold In Delhi Is Much Costly Than Other Metro Cities Read More

Hey, folks! are you one of those who believe in investing in gold and making up your mind to buy some gold? Well, if it is so then here is the article that perhaps illuminates your knowledge because today here we are talking about the latest gold prices. As you all know that gold is always a priority of Indians and people often buy the same and consider it as an investment. So, if you are searching for Gold Price Today, then the article is going to help you. However, the information is based on online sources, but if you are keen to know more about the ornament then be here till the end.

Latest Gold Prices Today| Gold In Delhi Is Much Costly Than Other Metro Cities Read More

So, according to the reports, the prices of Gold have dipped a bit low because the dollar has begun its recovery in the market. Despite falling down the gold rate in Delhi and some other metropolises are still rising and currently, the gold price in Delhi, Kolkata, and other metro cities is above Rs. 60,000 per 10gm. However, as per Good Returns, in Delhi, the 24-karat gold prices have gone down by Rs 110 to Rs 59,880 per 10 grams till the day. Meanwhile, in Chennai, the price is Rs. 60,400 per 10gm. Although it is only 400 rupees more costly than the price in Delhi it is for 24k gold. On the other side if you are going to buy the 22k gold then it is at Rs. 55,350 per 10gm.

Gold Prices In Delhi Today

Well, if you are looking for a comparison or better say a complete list of gold prices in different cities of the nation then you will find that the gold prices are actually low in other cities as compared to Delhi. The list includes Mumbai and Hyderabad as well, and as per this, you can assume about the sale of yellow metal in the capital of India.

Well, if you are looking for the information or better say prices of 22k gold per 10gm then you will find that in Delhi it is being sold at Rs. 54,900 meanwhile, in Mumbai it is available at Rs. 54,710, Jaipur 54,900, Bhiwandi 54,740, Kolkata 54,710.

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22k Gold Price Per 10 Grams

  • Delhi                      54,900
  • Chennai                55,350
  • Mumbai               54,710
  • Hyderabad          54,710
  • Bengaluru            54,800
  • Kolkata                54,710
  • Ahmedabad       54,800
  • Jaipur                   54,900
  • Bhiwandi             54,740
  • Noida                    54,900

24k Gold Price Per 10 Grams

  • Delhi               59,880
  • Chennai           60,400
  • Mumbai           59,690
  • Hyderabad      59,690
  • Bengaluru        59,780
  • Kolkata           59,690
  • Ahmedabad    59,780
  • Jaipur              59,880
  • Bhiwandi        59,720
  • Noida              59,880

The price of yellow metal decreased by 0.37 percent to USD 1976.50 on the foreign markets. The foreign exchange reserves increased by nearly USD 13 billion, according to Anil Kumar Bhansali, Head of Treasury Finrex Treasury Advisors LLP, as the RBI purchased dollars to maintain the rupee within the necessary range. The dollar slightly declined against the Indian Rupee on March 24, but has since started to recover, as USD 1 was equivalent to Rs 82.36 on the morning of March 27. When gold is priced at Rs 59,000, it is recommended to purchase it. In the meantime, on the MCX, the intraday price for 10 grams of the April Gold Futures was Rs 59,105. So, if you are planning to buy it, do extra research on your own. Stay tuned with us to get more updates.


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