Update: Latest Fuel Price List Check Petrol & Diesel Rates In Your City

 Update: Latest Fuel Price List Check Petrol & Diesel Rates In Your City

Do you know what is the petrol price today? If you have a fueled vehicle then this article will help you. Hey, folks! if you are one of those who own a vehicle then you must be thinking of the fuel prices and there is no doubt that the way fuel prices in India are rising every day, soon there would be a certain number of people who keep running their fueled vehicles on Indian roads. Keeping an eye on the current situation of fuel prices saying this won’t be bad and that soon there would be a time when people will get back to the cycling era. After all the immense and daily hike in petrol, diesel and CNG is now creating challenges in a middle-class man’s life. You must be searching on the internet today for the latest petrol price in your city.

Petrol Diesel price in delhi, mumbai, chandigarh, noida. petrol diesel latest rate list

Well, the happy news of the day is, the price for petrol and diesel will remain the same as of 6th December 2022 Tuesday. According to the reports, the government decreased the excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 8 per liter and Rs 6 per liter, which led to the most recent notable nationwide change in fuel costs. As per the latest update that is made by retailers, it came to know that the cost of petrol in Delhi remains fixed or better say same on December 6 at Rs 96.72 per liter while diesel here is priced at Rs 89.62. Today, when natural resources or petroleum is not much left, therefore, fuel companies and retailers are stocking and trying to earn handsome profits because now it is limited.

Latest Petrol Prices

  • Delhi = 96.72 ₹/L
  • Gurgaon = 97.18 ₹/L
  • Agra = 96.35 ₹/L
  • Ahmedabad = 96.42 ₹/L
  • Allahabad = 96.65 ₹/L
  • Aurangabad = 112.97 ₹/L
  • Bangalore = 101.94 ₹/L
  • Bhopal = 108.65 ₹/L
  • Bhubaneswar = 103.19 ₹/L
  • Chandigarh = 96.20 ₹/L
  • Chennai = 102.63 ₹/L

Latest Diesel Prices

  • Delhi = 89.62 ₹/L
  • Gurgaon = 90.05 ₹/L
  • Jaipur = 93.72 ₹/L
  • Lucknow = 89.76 ₹/L
  • Mumbai = 97.28 ₹/L
  • Patna = 94.04 ₹/L
  • Ranchi = 94.65 ₹/L
  • Faridabad = 90.35 ₹/L
  • Ghaziabad = 89.75 ₹/L
  • Noida = 89.96 ₹/L

Well, as you can see above that the price of petrol in the capital state of the country is 96.72 ₹/L, while the diesel price remains the same at 89.62 ₹/L. However, the list can be seen completely online. Here we have not mentioned every state and its petrol & diesel price but online you can check accordingly.

Undoubtedly, the daily hike in fuel rates such as petrol & diesel is forcing people to shift from fueled vehicles to electric vehicles. Since automobile manufacturers have got to know about this fuel scene they observed the market and introduce their electric segment now saying this won’t be bad and that electric cars have become the first choice for car & bike buyers.

As per the latest reports, the fuel retailers in India have been modifying their prices for a long time whereas Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, and other oil marketing corporations made some major and minor changes in the price of fuel in India. The new fuel rates, which take into account a number of elements such as freight costs, VAT, local taxes, etc., become effective each morning at 6 AM. Stay tuned to get more updates on trending news. 


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