Japanese Company Daifuku To Invest 450 Crore In Telangana! Read Govt’s Plan

 Japanese Company Daifuku To Invest 450 Crore In Telangana! Read Govt’s Plan

The Japanese material-handling equipment company, Daifuku recently made headlines after the company announced to make a total of 450 crores investment in Telangana. According to the reports, the Telangana govt has signed a bond with the Computer manufacturing company followed by which the brand is now setting up a new manufacturing facility in the state. Well, no doubt this investment will not only give benefits to the Telangana govt but also bring new employment to the state. The Industries Minister, KT Rama Rao urged the Industrialists in the State to create new ideas and make world-class products.

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While other states in the nation are still talking about politics, Telangana came up with new ideas and to create a small fortune. So, the new manufacturing plant with an impression of in excess of 200,000 square feet will expand its ongoing office of 60,000 square feet at Pashamylaram. The new office, which is probably going to come up at Chandanvelly, in the main or first phase imagines a pre-planned investment of Rs. 200 crore, and Daifuku plans to operationalize the new office in the following year and a half. Tending to the event, the Priest said land was an extravagant ware and maintained that Industrialists should be more creative and make new developments.

What Is Daifuku?

So, founded in 1937, in Osaka, Daifuku Co., Ltd. is a Japanese material-handling equipment firm, that has several products such as Material handling systems and equipment, Baggage handling systems, Vehicle washers, and Industrial personal computers. The Japanese company has been delivering customers globally with optimal and best resolutions to enrich its global competitiveness, as a comprehensive material handling system manufactory and integrator.

At the time of the big event for Telangana, Industries minister KT Rama Rao in his statement said “Capital access was a big challenge in the past. It is no more a challenge now with the government extending all support. Indian entrepreneurs need to be more bold and aggressive”. Mr. Rao even cites the example of the industrial park at Dandumalkapur, saying he wants all the industrialists to compete in increasing their operations and setting up such huge parks in the state.

Minister showcased his concern about India’s development in the sector where he said that the nation needs to work harder and aggressively to compete with the world. “We have to achieve all the expansion and growth in the upcoming 10 years against the US and China”. In the meeting, he recalled his previous meeting with Procter & Gamble (P&G), and he suggested Daifuku tie up with IIT Basara for studentship courses. “It would be a definite win situation for both whether it is the institute or the company”, he added. So, now that the Japanese company is all set to invest in the state, let’s see what new opportunities are waiting to be opened for all. Stay tuned with us to read more general news.


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