Ashneer Grover Expresses His Feelings Amid Mass Layoffs Wrote: I Never Had To Fire People

 Ashneer Grover Expresses His Feelings Amid Mass Layoffs Wrote: I Never Had To Fire People

India’s recently aired reality show called Shark Tank India’s Ex-Shark Ashneer Grover is currently in the headlines. However, in the second season of the show, you will not watch Mr. Grover on the screen but the man is currently in the headlines after he shared a post amid the mass lay-off season. Actually, the man recently shared a post followed by which people are talking about it and the man again won the hearts of the audience. If you are one of the netizens then you must be in the swim of lay-off season where many of the big companies and brands are laying off their workers, and amid this BharatPe co-founder said something which is now has become the talk of the town.

Ashneer Grover Expresses His Feelings Amid Mass Layoffs Wrote: I Never Had To Fire People

In a LinkedIn post, the Ex-Shark of Shark Tank India said that he never observed any need to fire his workers or team. In the post, he expressed his feelings towards all the people who have been fired from their jobs and that too from such big names in different businesses. He wrote that he never had to fire his people due to bad or down market, adding to the post he wrote that he always hired in a considerate manner. Well, before talking more about the post of Bharat-Pe Co-founder we would like to tell you what a layoff season means.

What Is A Layoff Season?

However, every company and organization has its own way to work and balance the company therefore it can not be a deal to criticize someone. However, a poor market phase or financial downfall can result in such situations where one has to reduce the manpower to continue the business. But if you are searching for a definition then according to the reports, A layoff season stands for a certain period of time when a company or organization reduces its workforce, typically as a cost-cutting measure. This can occur during periods of financial hardship or economic downturns. The employees who are laid off may be temporary or permanent and may or may not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Ashneer Grover Posts Amid Layoff Season!

Undoubtedly, the job-cutting season has created havoc among all who are salaried employees, and it is happening due to financial downfall. Amid this season Mr. Ashneer Grover took his LinkedIn where he posted that he is sad to hear such news about firings, but he is happy that he never felt any need to take such actions. In the post, he wrote “reading out about firings consistently is unfortunate. I’m thankful that I’ve never ought to fire people as a result of terrible business sectors in light of the fact that I’ve generally recruited chivalrously. As a pioneer, you’ve to ponder the big picture approach.”

Next in the same post he also praised his individuality which he saw doing often. Writing the post he wrote “I had posted about a 25%- 40% salary deduction a while back as an alternative to mass firings. I just don’t get why founders won’t go down that path. Everything can get repriced: energy, capital, technology. Why not people?” Adding the last note he wrote “Glad I’ve put on myself a max cap of 50 people in the Third Unicorn. People joining me will have to worry only about building and growth I’ve got my team’s back”.

No doubt that the current era is going through a very tough phase where several multinational companies such as Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Meta, and Swiggy are laying off thousands of employees. Shockingly, the beginning of 2023 is filled with such news of laying offs. Back in 2021, Ashneer Grover wrote another post where he suggested lowering the salary because it is better than laying off people.


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