Fraud Doctor Cuts Baby’s Private Part To Prove It’s A Girl. Baby Dies

Fraud Doctor Cuts Baby’s Private Part To Prove It’s A Girl. Baby Dies

These days, we hear a lot about corruption; every now and then, there are reports about fraudsters cheating people in some of the other ways. We can’t stop crimes, but can certainly control them, isn’t it?

However, today’s case will make you ask the question, “Does humanity really exist?”.

Well, a newborn baby lost its life after a quack (A person claiming to be a doctor) cut of its genitals.

The fraudster wanted to prove that the newborn is a girl, which is why he didn’t even think twice before cutting the genitals. Before the baby was born, the fraudster had told the parents that it’s a girl (After ultrasound).

His prediction came out to be wrong. Since a boy was born, the quack thought that it is a good option to cut off the genitals of the baby so that its parents don’t come to know.

He told the parents that a girl was born but she had deformities. Unfortunately, the baby died few minutes after the genitals were cut. This happened on the 24th of April in Jharkhand’s nursing home.

Police have identified the fraudster as Anuj Kumar. Also, an FIR has been filed against him. The mother (Gudia Devi) was admitted to the hospital when she was 8 months pregnant.

Since the quack had told them that it’s a girl, the family had decided to go for a C-Section. They had even paid Rs 5000 i.e. 50 percent of delivery charges to the quack.

After this incident, Anuj Kumar fled. Sources say,

“The doctor accused in the case did not have any registration or license under the PNDT Act. He would scout for couples looking to know the gender of the foetus and get an ultrasound done at the clinic of some of his associates.”

Whatever happened was really bad! We hope such incidents are stopped; strict action must be taken against these quacks and fraudsters


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